All About Angels

First published in Nature and Health magazine (Australia) in April 2017. 

Have you ever felt the presence of angels around you? Angelic guidance can and does come in the form of channelled messages, dreams and directly receiving insight.

Twenty-six years ago, I was at a real low point when angels helped me open up to a more spiritual way of life. My own spiritual journey has had a series of trials and tribulations which acted as a catalyst for me to transform my life. It gave me a wake-up call that I needed to finally get my life in order.

The word angel is derived from the Greek word ‘angelos’. Angels are beings of energy that are composed of ethereal matter. Angels are androgynous, which means they are neither male nor female and cannot take on human form because they are from a different streams of consciousness. Angels have such a high vibratory rate that most people cannot see them, so they show themselves to us in whichever physical form best suits our immediate needs. They appear when we have lost our faith and trust is broken. I work from my heart and I like to share you with you how the Angelic realm can support, guide and nurture everyone on their Soul Path.

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Mucmara Magazine ~ Issue 3 ~ Guardian Angels

What is a Guardian Angel?

A Guardian Angel is born at the moment that the soul has decided to incarnate. When a baby is born, their eyesight for things in the material world is not very well developed, but they can still feel and sense other worlds and their Guardian Angels.  The Guardian Angel stays with you through birth, life into death and back, to the learning halls to evaluate your life once again.

            Your Guardian Angel helps you to identify appropriate goals, to find inner peace, to grow and mature in wisdom.       For me, encountering my Guardian Angel changed my life. It has allowed me to discover my true vocation in life.

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